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Workers’ Compensation Insurance from Pennbook Insurance Services

Looking for insurance for small business in and around San Francisco? Look no more! We’ve been helping small business owners affordable business insurance coverages since 1982.

As an independent small business insurance broker, we specialize in finding the best business insurance for the unique needs of your small business. If you have employees, the law in your state likely requires you to buy a commercial insurance policy called Workers’ Compensation Insurance. You need to make sure you choose the right type of coverage and options to protect your workers and you. Let us help! We'll deal with the insurance companies and get you a complete, custom quote in under 10 minutes. Ready to see the right Workers’ Compensation coverage for your Small Business?



Why Do I Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Most states require you to buy workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees. But even where it’s not the law, you should still get it. Otherwise, you could end up paying out of your own pocket for workplace injuries and illnesses that happen to your workers. It's not something that commercial property insurance or general liability insurance covers. But it could disrupt your business operations and lead to big financial losses for you.

You need the right plans and liability coverage in place if that happens. That’s why you need a Workers’ Compensation plan from Pennbook Insurance Services.

  Here are just a couple of real-life scenarios where workers’ compensation insurance could help protect your business and employees:

  An employee at a professional service firm injures their back lifting a box of office supplies. They require a doctor’s assistance and ongoing attention and physical therapy.

  A restaurant business employee cuts himself severely. The restaurant owner's policy pays for the employee's medical bills and pays the worker for his lost time.

  An employee slips on ice while walking up the stairs to the office. Their injury requires a trip to the emergency room and recovery time.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers the medical expenses needed to treat these job-related injuries, while helping your employees to retain some of their income when taking time off for recovery.



How Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Work?

When employees suffer a work-related injury or illness, Workers' Compensation Insurance helps cover wages and medical benefits. It also gives them access to experienced, caring professionals at every step of their recovery.

When you choose Pennbook Insurance Services, you'll get access to a network or programs and services designed to support companies, promote employee safety and help get them back to work faster. If an employee can't return to work, the coverage can provide a long-term benefit.

The advantages of workman’s comp insurance from Pennbook Insurance Services include access to programs like:

  Pay-as-You-Go Billing Solutions: Workers’ compensation insurance billing solution bases premium billing payments on actual payroll which can help you manage cash flow and reduce negative audit surprises.

  Preferred Medical Provider Network: Employees can tap into our nationwide network of more than one million providers experienced in treating workplace injuries.

  Prescription Drug Features: More than 65,000 pharmacies throughout the US are available to fill prescriptions, usually with no out-of-pocket expense to the injured worker.

  Nursed Back to Health: Helps provide highly experienced nurse case managers to coordinate care and treatment along with physical, emotional and occupational therapies.



How Do I Find This Business Insurance Near Me?

That's easy: Call us. We know what it takes to help make sure your business is properly covered for liability insurance like workers' compensation. Give us a call today and speak with one of our insurance specialists. Or get a fast, free Workers’ Compensation insurance online quote for your business in less than 10 minutes today.


Get a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Quote Today

We know what it takes to help make sure your business is properly covered.  Give us a call today and speak with one of our insurance specialists, or get a fast, free Workers’ Compensation insurance online quote for your business in less than 10 minutes today.


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